Our Team

The Vidy story begins at Harvard, where Patrick Colangelo founded the company in his dorm room.

Patrick created Vidy out of a strong personal belief that the future is “video meets brevity”. Late one night, while he was reading a long article on his phone, Patrick conceived of the idea of fusing short hyper-relevant videos underneath related lines of text on the page, and in that flash... Vidy was born. In the days ahead, Patrick went on to invent the Vidy embed layer, which now rests atop millions of pages.

Joined by his Cofounder, Matthew Lim, who heads up all Asia operations and has built a powerful BD team in Shanghai, together the two friends have grown the company into a global enterprise that stretches from East to West.

Today, Vidy boasts a world-class engineering team based in New York and San Francisco with team members who have previously sold their own companies, amassed 10s of millions of users, patented multi-million dollar inventions, and have enjoyed decades of successes in the software development world.

The Vidy team has been together for years, bonded by mutual admiration, friendship, and ambition to build a platform that can truly change human lives for the better.