Introducing VIDY

Unlock a new dimension of exciting video context.

Video is great... but it doesn't always feel like it. Vidy delivers relevant video on what a user is reading, and viewers watch because they want to, not because they need to.

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Publisher Features

Vidy was invented to give publishers a tool to captivate their users through the magic of bite-sized highlight videos relevant to what they are reading. Here is what is included:

Video Upload, Hosting, Editing

Upload all of your video and host it on Vidy, access Vidy's Public Video Pool for quality video content that you can use, and edit any of your videos to get them ready for nesting.

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Custom Video Nesting

Vidy lets you directly nest any video inside any line of text, so you are in complete control as to what you show, where and when. See a full snapshot of your site through the dashboard.

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Realtime Metrics Reporting

Track the performance and engagement metrics of each of your nested videos in realtime through the dashboard, and connect any 3rd party measurement SDKs to verify.

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Skyrocket your session time up 59%

Vidy's nested video augments your website's user experience and lifts your session time on average an additional 59%. When a user discovers and watches a nested video, it's as if the session resets and they stay longer because of the value reaped.

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Earn an extra $3-10 per mille with Vidy

Programmatic Ad Demand

Serve programmatic demand through Google Ad Manager or direct ad demand through Vidy Ad Manager.

Contextually Relevant

All video ads automatically placed by Vidy are contextually relevant to the text they live in, powered by Vidy's NLP protocol.

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Create video inventory that never existed before

Vidy unlocks a new layer of video inventory for your site since it requires no screen real estate. This means you now have another weapon to monetize and augment your page experience with that complements all other units on screen.

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Vidy's Multifaceted Targeting

Powered by its NLP protocol, Vidy combines state-of-the-art contextual relevance with 1st and 3rd party user profiling for highly targeted placements.

Sentence Meaning Targeting

Vidy distills its NLP matching down to the granular level of bigrams and trigrams within individual sentences on page.

IAB Categorical Targeting

Vidy correlates the results from its neural networks with the industry's 1,600 IAB categories for a programmatic conformity score.

Sentiment Analysis

Vidy analyzes page text to determine net sentiment & macro positivity, eliminating all inventory associated with negative words.

Rarified Terminology Extraction

Vidy searches for rarified terms and brand namesakes as anchors in text to trigger or avoid specific content views.

User Targeting

Vidy taps its vast 1st party data store via the Vidy DMP as well as 3rd party data from top global data platform partners.

Manual White and Blacklisting

Take control of your site's keyword topology by manually whitelisting and blacklisting certain words to superseed Vidy's auto placements.

Skyrocket your session time through nested video.

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