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Unlock new revenue.

Vidy gives you a whole new dimension of ad inventory that never existed before. There’s no switching cost, keep your existing ads. Just make more money now.

Increase Sessions. Amaze Users.

Vidy gives your users dynamic video content of unparalleled relevance,
keeping them engaged and having fun through social features on each video.

Super Easy and Fast.

Vidy gives you the power of video in a turnkey dashboard. Just click the video, highlight the text, and embed.

Understand powerful Insights.

Vidy gives you detailed reports on usage, interests, relevance, and campaign performance right down to the specific video embed.

Vidy is an amazing new technology for publishers. It adds that second layer to your editorial content, something that is a core of our business.

    Founder, IMV

Because the hyperlink is dead. It's time to welcome the Vidylink

Introducing the Vidy Web App

Coming Soon.