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Intro Page

Register on Vidy

So you've decided nested video is for you. Welcome to the Vidy publisher family. You are among hundreds of the best websites in the world. We have put together this guide to help you get the most out of the product. This includes ensuring that you can integrate and go live in minutes, access all of the features we've built, and of course master the art of nesting. For any questions you may have that are not answered in this guide, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected].


The first thing to do is pick a plan. Vidy has 3 plans based on the size of your site and your goals. They are as follows:

Vidy Watch Plans
  • Starter: Nest editorial videos, for sites with less than 2 million total visits (up to 2m pageviews)
  • Pro: Nest editorial videos, with unlimited visits to your site (unlimited pageviews)
  • Business: Nest both editorial and monetized videos (unlimited pageviews)

You can pay monthly or save and pay annually. Your plan will automatically roll over to the next tier as you reach your monthly visits thresholds. Payment is taken by credit or debit card via stripe. After paying, you will register your website:

Register my Site
  • Enter your personal details and company details
  • Enter your website domain (double check to make sure it's correct)
Generate my Tag

Once you register, you receive a one-line tag to drop into the footer of your website. You can drop it in immediately so that you are ready to go live as soon as the Vidy team approves your registration.


As soon as you submit your registration, the Vidy Publishing Team will review your website and registration details, and get back to you within a few hours with an approval decision. If you are approved you will receive and email notifying you that you can now log into the dashboard. If you are rejected, you will receive an email and can reply to the thread to find out why.

Making Changes to your Account

As soon as you are approved, you will log into the dashboard with your email and password. You can make changes to your account anytime in the Account and Profile section of the dashboard.

"Vidy brings a full-service SAAS model to its publishing products making it a breeze to use and implement."
Invite Team Members to the Organization:

To invite new team members to your Organization, navigate to the Account Settings page and click "Add Member" from the options. Enter their name and email and designate a role for them within your team.

Team Roles

There are 3 main roles on an Organization team:

  • Owner (owner of the organization, can invite moderators)
  • Moderator (moderator of the organization, can invite other org members)
  • Member (member of the organization, has access to the dashboard features)

Team members can share multiple Organization affiliations across one account. If you need to reset an ownership role at anytime, please email [email protected]. Please keep your master passwords safe and secure as all roles have access to video nesting privileges on and Organization.

Integrate Vidy

We have made the integration process super simple and fast. You just take the one-line tag that is generated for you after registering and drop it into the footer of your website. That's it! No touching any code or doing any customizations.

Drop in Tag

When you register, a unique one-line tag is generated for you. Just drop this in anywhere in the footer of your site and you're done. It looks like this (yours may look a bit different):
" data-appid="appid">

After integrating, the Vidy team will promptly review the integration to make sure the site is connected and notify you if there are any adjustments needed. You will receive an automated email confirming you are ready to go live shortly after.

"Everyone always says its just a one line integration but it never is. In Vidy's case it really is!"
Customizing the Post id and Content id

It is not necessary for you to do this, but if you want a cleaner and more precise match on your pages, it helps to designate the content fields on page and the unique page ids of your site. To do this you:

  • Substitute the appid with your Application ID (your unique 32 character ID)
  • Substitute the postid with unique page identifiers (each of your pages require a unique postid)
  • Substitute the content with the html parent element that contains your actual article text

<script src="https://static.vidy.com/embed.min.js"></script>
     document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {
let vidy = new Vidy({
         appid: 'your-app-id-here',
         postid: 'unique-post-id-here',
         content: '.classNameHere' OR '#elementID',
         autoload: true

Add Vidy's ads.txt

If you want ads to stream through the vidy unit, you'll need to add Vidy's ads.txt file to your site. This is a very simple process and you can find instructions here. As soon as you can see Vidy's ads.txt lines show up in (yourdomain.com/ads.txt) then you are all set to start making money. Here is the ads.txt file to add: Vidy ads.txt

Full Documentation

Full documentation should not be necessary if you just drop your one-line tag in the footer, but if you want to customize your tag for cleaner matching or if you are just curious, you can find full integration docs here at https://github.com/VIDY/embed-web-examples/blob/master/docs/readme.md.

Customize the unit

When you purchase the Business Plan, you unlock a number of product upgrades including the ability to customize your Vidy unit. Upon logging into the dashboard for the first time after purchasing or upgrading to Business, you will be prompted with a customization wizard.

Select your Color and Logo

On the Business Plan, you can choose any color and any logo icon for your vidy highlights on your pages. Follow the instructions to upload a properly sized SVG asset for your logo icon, and preview it to confirm it looks the way you want it to. All style customizations on your highlights are global across your whole site. At any time you can revert back to Vidy's default style.

"Vidy strikes a nice balance between what you can customize and what stays standardized for users to get comfortable with across the web"

Vidy is working to give you more customization options for other features in the future. These will be able to be toggled on and off site-wide within the Settings page of your dashboard.

Future Customization Options
  • Share button present or hidden
  • Reactions on expanded vidys
  • Upper limit for number of nested videos per page
  • Default video shape preferences
Image Copyright

Vidy reserves the right to take down any image and/or remove from the platform any publisher without advance notice for breaking its TOS and displaying a logo that they do not own on their Vidy highlights. Inappropriate images will also result in a prompt ban from the platform. If you would like advice on your image, you can email [email protected].

Upload Videos

Vidy is your hub for all of your video content. You can upload, host, and store all of your videos on the Vidy dashboard as part of your paid Plan. Your videos are kept private and securely siloed in your own account. You can access, edit, add and remove your videos at any time.

Upload via MRSS Feed

The main method for bulk video upload on the Vidy platform is via MRSS Feed. Vidy will connect to any MRSS feed, just designate your feed in the upload channel of the Upload page of the dashboard so that Vidy can connect to your video database via MRSS feed. Vidy will pull new videos from your database once a day.

Vidy can also upload your videos through other means such as from your website, from a URL, and from you computer or any device. If you need a custom upload method or have a specific CMS and you are curious if it is compatible with Vidy, send us a message at [email protected]

Other Upload Methods:
  • Youtube URL
  • Cloud bucket URL
  • Upload from computer
  • Custom upload integration (request with [email protected])

When you upload videos to the dashboard, the video panel will always show you your dozen latest uploads for fast access when you are nesting. After you upload a video, give it 30 seconds to successfully upload and get saved to Vidy before going to look for it to nest with or you may not see it.

"Vidy is an all-in-one video solution, it's cool how they take care of everything."
Editing Controls:

Any video that you upload can be edited directly from the Vidy dashboard. Once in the video pane, you can trim a video to make it shorter in duration. You can also merge videos together to combine them into a longer video. You can add captions to any video and edit each line and time stamp from the edit pane. Videos can be sent to our transcription service for auto generated captions as well. Captions are a premium feature available on the Pro and Business tiers.

The Public Video Pool:

The Public Video pool is yours to freely access when searching for videos to nest into your pages. The Pool is comprised of millions of videos that have been syndicated to us by our partners. Vidy updates the Pool daily with new videos so there is always fresh content.

Video Syndication:

In the future, the videos that you upload will have the option to be added to the Public Video Pool to be syndicated out to other publishers across the publisher network, with a kickback going back to you. For early access to this program, email us at [email protected].

Nest Videos

Nesting is an art more than a science. When you nest a video inside the text of a page, you are opening up a whole new dimension of context to what your user is reading and seeing. It can be informative, entertaining, satirical, supportive, and of course, monetizing. Nesting videos on the Vidy dashboard is simple and fast.

How to Nest Videos

On the Publish page, just enter the url of the webpage you would like to nest on, highlight some text, drop in a video from the left, and hit Publish. Your nested video is live on site within seconds, but give it about a minute to propagate fully around the world.

Nesting Tips

When nesting editorial videos, try to select sentences, phrases, or areas of the text on page that would be able to convey deeper meaning with a video hidden underneath. The best nested videos are short, typically highlighting a handful of words, and embedded on a line that discusses a point of importance. Try not to nest videos right next to each other; a little space between highlights always looks and feels best. And as with everything on the web, videos nested above the fold (toward the top of the screen) tend to perform better than those nested near the bottom.

"Nesting gives me a superpower as an editor to convey a point within a point"

Upon highlighting text on the page in the dashboard publish page, the video search will become active. All videos are searchable by keyword and/or title (dependent on what metadata came with the video upon upload). Once you select the video to drop in, it is automatically nested into the text, the highlight is drawn on page, and you are able to select a shape and further customize the video.

Nesting Features:
  • Text Selection
  • Video Search
  • Video Shape
  • Purchase canvas (if Vidy Convert Plan is also purchased)

Analyze Metrics

Vidy displays metrics for all nested video units across your site through the Analytics page of the Vidy dashboard. You can look back to any timeframe to get results from the past.

Metrics across all levels

Vidy generates metrics on a site level, page level, vidy impression level, and video clip level to give you a complete look at how the performance metrics look across all areas of the site. All time horizons can be applied to each level look.

If you are a publisher house or company with numerous web properties and domains under one organization, you can designate which site to set your metrics view to from the table and toggle between all properties.


Metrics update hourly and can be downloaded via report and CSV with custom table configuration at any time. Reports on programmatic ad activity can be requested monthly from Vidy by emailing [email protected].

"It's been helpful to be able to check my metrics constantly as I iterate on my video nesting"
Metrics Tracked:
  • Pageviews (total pageviews on the site)
  • Vidy'd Pageviews (total pageviews with at least one nested vidy on it)
  • Impressions (total instances of a vidy highlight appearing)
  • Views (total video starts)
  • Swipe Ups (total clicks to advertiser site)
  • Total Duration (total time watched across one or more vidys)
  • Average Duration (average time watched across one or more vidys)
  • Shares (total times the video was shared)

You can hide and display any of these metrics from the table view at anytime for an easier look at your site's performance. Vidy continues to add new metrics over time, and will continue to update them here.

Create ad campaign

There are two ways to create ad campaigns on the Vidy platform. The first is programmatically through Google Ad Manager, and the second is direct through Vidy Ad Manager on the dashboard. We will walk through both.

Set up Programmatic Campaign

To set up a programmatic campaign you have two choices. The first choice is autopilot ads, where Vidy streams its programmatic demand through the unit, and you can adjust the settings for it. By default, this demand is turned on through the dashboard. In the dashboard you can designate specific brands that you may want to blacklist, and also request certain additional settings for the demand. The second choice is to run your own campaigns programmatically. You can do this if you have an account with Google Ad Manager. From your account you can set up Vidy as an ad unit, generate Vidy's DFP tag, and then Vidy demand will be one of your ad unit line items in GAM.

"Vidy plugging into GAM takes all the work away for me."

Set up Direct Campaign

You can set up a direct campaign through the Vidy dashboard by following the Ad Manager wizard. Using the Vidy Ad Manager means more precise matching campaigns given the Vidy dashboard's deeper feature granularity on keywords and contextual targeting. You can upload the creatives of your advertisers through the Vidy Ad Manager, designate each brands' budget, payout type, timeframe, keywords, desired publications, and also add a Vidy Convert purchase canvas to any campaign. Your advertising brands will remit payment to Vidy via wire transfer upon receiving their activity report on the payment terms that you have agreed with them. Activity reports are generated in the Ad Manager section and can be downloaded anytime.

When choosing what ad server you would like to use with the Vidy unit, remember that by running direct campaigns through the Vidy Ad Manager on the dashboard, you will have access to a more expansive set of campaign settings and parameters to deliver a more precise match and effective outcome to your participating advertisers' goals.

Campaign Parameters:
  • Campaign type (Pre-roll or Signature or Both)
  • Budget Size
  • Daily Budget Cap
  • Start and End Date
  • Estimated Reach
  • Demographic Targeting (not guaranteed)
  • Campaign Keywords
  • Whitelisted and Blacklisted Websites
  • Optional Vidy Convert purchase canvas
  • Video creative upload and avatar
  • Payment options

In the Ad Manager section of the dashboard you will have access to all reports from every campaign that is currently running and that has been completed. You can download them anytime, and configure dates and tables. On the programmatic side, reports are generated through the Google Ad Manager console.