Vidy Pricing

Choose your Vidy Watch plan. For our other products, you can find their plans on their respective pages. Email us at [email protected] for any questions or specific requests.

Choose Your Vidy Watch Plan
per month (paid monthly)
per month (paid monthly)
per month (paid monthly)
Monthly Visits
2 million Visits /mo
Unlimited Visits
Unlimited Visits
Video Type
Editorial Video
Editorial Video
Editorial + Monetized Video
Unit Type
Basic Units
Premium Units
Premium Units
Hand Video Nesting
Video Peek Unit
Pricing on Video Starts
$3.50 CPM
$3.25 CPM
$3.00 CPM
Enable Ads
Programmatic Ads
Direct Ad Campaigns
Ad Revenue from Vidy
100% of All Rev Vidy Generates
Ad Revenue from You
100% of All Rev You Generate
Instream + Outstream Ads
NLP Contextual Targeting
User Data Targeting
Customize Your Unit
MRSS Feed Upload
Video Storage + Hosting
Video Editing Controls
Search Across Full Video DB
Public Video Pool Access
Syndicate Your Videos
You will have the option in the future to syndicate any of your videos through the dashboard to other publishers, with a kickback coming to you.
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
24/7 Email Support
Full Reporting & Metrics
10 Team Account Seats
One Line Drop-In
👍 100% money-back guarantee! No questions asked.
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Features Included in All Plans

These features are included in all plans. For questions about any of these features, email [email protected].

Easy One Line Drop-in
Full Dashboard Access
10 Team Account Seats
24/7 Email Support
Programmatic Compatibility
All Major Browser Support
Full Reporting and Metrics
Customizable Units
Auto Feature Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some questions that we hear frequently from our partners about pricing. We hope this helps!

Q: Does Vidy have a free trial?

Vidy Watch has a free trial up to 50,000 total visits on the Starter Plan. Vidy Convert does not have a free trial.

Q: Does Vidy accept refunds or money back?

Vidy has a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't like Vidy you can request a refund anytime before you hit 50,000 visits. Just email [email protected].

Q: Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Of course. You can cancel your subscription anytime by emailing [email protected]. You will not be billed for the next cycle after the month you cancelled in.

Q: How does it work when I upgrade?

Upgrading from Starter to Pro happens automatically when your site passes 2 million visits. Upgrading to Business requires you to login on and click the Business plan. Upon upgrading you only pay the difference between your plans for the current month.

Q: How do I get the purchase canvas on Vidy Watch?

To get the Vidy Convert purchase canvas mounted on your Vidy Watch unit, you need to buy a plan for both products. As soon as you subscribe to a plan for both, the purchase canvas is automatically attached.

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