introducing Vidy

a bite sized video that packs a punch.
nested inside actual lines of text on pages.


Vidy Watch

Intent-Based Video

Vidys take up zero screen real-estate. They are revealed when you hold down or hover.

Contextually Relevant

Vidys are hyper-relevant to the lines of text they are nested in. This gives a deeper video context to what you read.

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Vidy Convert

Vidy's Instant Checkout will display a brand's real product page within your site so you don't lose the user off an ad click.

It's the fastest checkout experience in the world, and works automatically for all ads on your page.

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Vidy Experience

Memorable Brand Experiences

Enthrall your audience with interactive brand experiences intimately crafted to be prompted by touch.

Reserved Budgets

Vidy Experience is reserved for ambitious campaigns seeking an edge. Get in touch with our Experience team.

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Vidy Platform Features

Powerful Video Unit

Tap into a versatile video unit that works with all of your existing video content.

Programmatic Ads

Run programmatic ad demand through the Vidy Ad Server or through GAM.

Contextual Placements

Every vidy nested on page is contextually relevant to the line of text it lives in.

Full-Suite Dashboard

Get full reporting, metrics, video upload, storage, editing, and nesting capabilities.

Entertainment vidys

Nest editorial video highlights in your page alongside video ads to enthrall your readers.

Unlock Premium Features

Unlock instant checkouts, white-label your highlights, auto-earn ad profits and more.

Global coverage trusted across over 2B pageviews a month.

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