As Backend engineer, you will be both maintaining current features and implementing new ones. You will be working on a highly automated environment with test suites and CI/CD that is 100% Cloud Native.

Do your thing

You will be working with Containers and Kubernetes in a large scale distributed system with peaks of 25,000 CPUs running simultaneously. Our designs need to to survive billions of API calls keeping the response time below 50ms.


You will have the chance to reach millions of users with your code and face challenges that only few companies have the luxury to have.

Node friendly

A large chunk of our code base is written in Node.js, up to date to the latest release available on a monthly basis. You will be writing modern JavaScript with no callbacks and only promises async/await.


  • Two plus years of experience with Node.js and modern JavaScript
  • Strong experience working with unix like machines
  • Strong experience with writing test suites and testable code
  • Strong experience with writing open source modules and github.


  • Strong experience with git workflow, PR, code review
  • Medium experience with system design and microservices infrastructure
  • Medium Experience with Docker, Containers, and Docker compose workflows
  • Medium Experience with MongoDb, Redis, Elasticsearch

A plus if...

  • Knowledge of Domain Driven Design
  • Knowledge of Idempotency patterns when working with data and eventual consistency