Vidy Experience

Amaze your viewers.


Vidy lets your brand indulge in the most captivating
experiences imaginable. Nothing is impossible
for our Experience team.

Carefully Crafted

Don't just advertise... Engage, Interact, Captivate.

Vidy Experience is for brands seeking an edge in their marketing campaign strategy. It offers an unparalleled brand lift compared to any other advertising outlet available, delivering a distinctly memorable impression through interactive experiences on page that enthrall, delight, and win customers.

“Vidy are the masters at creating ads that don't feel like ads. Their stunning Experience campaigns take that reality to another level.”
Dawn Hudson
ex-CEO of Pepsi, CMO of The NFL

Vidy Experience Campaign

Vidy custom builds each Experience Campaign from scratch. We are selective about which projects we take on, and limit our capacity to 2 Experience campaigns per month. Reserve your spot below.

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