Vidy Convert

Checkout Instantly on Page.


Vidy is the world's first on-page checkout.

Vidy Convert displays any brand's product page instantly on top of your site, so you maintain the session and your user can checkout in seconds. Your user never leaves the page again.

Realize a Big Lift in Clicks Per Page

Vidy Convert delivers a 215% uplift in ad clicks for your site when Instant Checkout is enabled. When users know they will not be launched out of the website, they click more. Vidy Convert encourages deeper brand discovery and exploration.

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Time on Page Skyrockets

Your website session remains active as the user is browsing the brand site. On average you see an extra 87 seconds of session time for your website when a user clicks into Vidy's Instant Checkout.

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Retain Almost Every User

Vidy Convert delivers a seamless return to your website when your user is finished on the brand site, through its Comfort-Close feature. On average 94% of users will return to your website after their session on the brand site because your site always remains underneath.

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Vidy Convert Pricing

Vidy Convert works off of an ad click on most ad units on your website. You can configure it as the default destination for clicks off of most Instream + Outstream Video, Native Ads, and Display Ads.

Choose Your Vidy Convert Plan
per month (paid monthly)
per month (paid monthly)
per month (paid monthly)
Monthly Visits
2 Million Visits/mo
Vidy charges a CPM on all ad impressions on page that the purchase canvas is mounted to.
$0.07 CPM
$0.06 CPM
$0.05 CPM
One-line Drop In
Ad Clicks Coverage
Video + Native
All Ad Units
Manual Unit Customization
Events Data
Vidy keeps all user data locally on the device to keep it private and secure. General event beacons such as if a purchase was made are saved and reported.
Events Reported
Instant Сheckout
Vidy's signature instant purchase canvas mounted to various ad units.
95% Website Coverage
Vidy Convert works for almost all modern websites. When a website is not compatible, Vidy automatically recognizes it and a click results in taking the user out of the site as it does now.
Auto Destination URL Detect
Available Programmatically
Vidy Convert's instant purchase canvas can be mounted to ads delivered programmatically as long as they come with a destination brand url.
One-Tap-Purchase Feature
This feature takes the world's fastest checkout process and makes it even faster. The product is default waiting in the cart and all the user needs to do is press buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled some questions that we hear frequently from our partners. We hope this helps!

Q: What does a brand have to do to work with this?

Nothing! The best part of Vidy Convert is it's automatic. As long as an ad or campaign has a destination site url associated with it, Vidy will render it in its Instant Checkout modal.

Q: How do I integrate Vidy Convert?

You just drop in this line at the footer of your site. That's it.
//" data-appid="appid">

Q: After I drop it in, it just works on all ads?

Yes. Vidy Convert automatically works on most ad clicks out of your site, keeping the user on your site but still visiting the brand page. You can turn off Vidy Convert any time from the dashboard. If an ad type is not compatible with Vidy Convert, then those ad clicks will just work as they do now.

Q: Does Vidy see what's happening on the brand page?

No user identifying activity data related to the brand page session ever comes to Vidy; it stays on the user's local device. In this way Vidy maintains 100% security and privacy for every session. Vidy sets beacons for general events data.

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