We are driven by an innate desire to succeed at Vidy. We have a team spirit that embodies this competitiveness, and we play to win. We look for people who want to win, and who enjoy the climb as much as the victories themselves.

Personal growth

We believe that learning is at the center of personal growth. Guided by a mandate to forever improve our products, we are always at the bleeding edge of new technologies, learning and implementing them to provide a better and better experience to our users and partners.


Vidy was built on a dream, and today is a living dream made real. We believe in following your dreams, disrupting the normal, and taking chances. At Vidy, you are encouraged to dream and to create and launch like no other place.

Web Eng

Product engineers with a bent for the latest javascript technologies, an obsession over the pixels, and an appetite to push the web to its technical limits.

React Engineer

React.js, Node.js, Typescript, Javascript, HTML, CSS. 5 years of front-end experience.

Svelte Engineer

Svelte, Sapper, Javascript, HTML, CSS. 5 years of of front-end experience, 2 years of Svelte exp.

Backend Eng

Backend engineers who embrace high-load high-concurrency systems, with a track record in scalable cloud architecture and database design.

Backend Engineer

Node.js, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS, GCP, Elasticsearch. 5 years experience.

Junior API Developer

Node.js, SQL, NoSQL, other languages you are passionate about. 2 years experience.

Dev Ops Eng

Dev Ops engineers who consume themselves with site reliability and lightning fast api calls, and take solace in an infrastructure serving millions with unwavering uptime.

Site Reliability Engineer

SQL and NoSQL databases, Redis, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Docker, Realtime Monitoring. 8 years exp.

Database Engineer

PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, Elasticsearch. 5 years experience.

the showrunners

Storytellers who can close as well as they can incite intrigue. We want people obsessed about making their clients happy and keeping them happy.

Publisher Sales

Background in the publishing industry, either internally or on buy-side. 3-5 years experience.

Advertiser Sales

Background in ad sales, either on the media buying side or SAAS side. 1-3 years experience.


Passionate builders who care about the user journey, and are deeply empathetic to the ease of their UX as lifelong product studiers and crafters.

Product Manager

Creative design-focused product owner with background in software. 5 years experience.

Project Manager

Technical PM with background in engineering project management, scrum, agile, 5 years exp.

Customer Success

Customer Success managers with a tendency for simplification, and a devotion to making their clients fall in love with the products that they manage.

Customer Success Manager

Background managing SAAS product(s) with a roster of clients. 5 years experience.

Customer Success Engineer

Background servicing SAAS product integrations with javascript knowledge. 2 years experience.

NLP + AI Eng

NLP engineers who operate on the frontier of the latest methods, with enduring backgrounds in machine learning and performance-driven data science.

NLP AI Engineer

Pytorch, Tensorflow, Python, spaCy, R, Shell, AWS, NLTK, Julia. 5 years experience.

Data Scientist

Python, R, ETLs, Redis, AWS, Elasticsearch, SQL, Kibana, Julia, Tensorflow. 8 years experience.